Growing Our Gardens
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Butterfly Garden

Birds, Butterflies and the Occasional Bunny

Just got finished twisting fertilizer, conditioner and peat moss into the soil and we got the approval we were looking for... a butterfly landed... May 4

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Shopping List

Ideas for a butterfly garden actually came while flipping through the Breck's catalog...  I really don't know about living and growing in TN while ordering plants from Holland. Holland has ice that you can skate on - TN barely has freezing temps...

Breck’s order placed March 22. Processed April 2 - originally told arrival on April 10 = UPS Ground. Called about a week later looking for package and was told they were still on the ship. Arrival around May 14. May 14 is summer weather in mid Tennessee. They arrived April 29 and were planted May 3/4. Wished they were here earlier…


3 Sedum Frosty Morn - a showy stonecrop from Japan. Succulent, apple green foliage edged in creamy white. The green buds open in late summer to large pale pink or white flower heads. 12-15” Credited 1 on June 5

2 Paprika Yellow Credited 2 on June 5

4 Blue Sea Holly - Holly like foliage has a blue hue with grey markings and blue stems. Attractive to butterflies. 24-30” tall. Credited 2 on June 5

4 Orange Glory Flowers - One of the best perennials for attracting butterflies. Can be used for cut flower displays. About 20” tall. Credited 1 on June 5

For a total of 32.98 in credits on a $74 order. Disappointed with the germination. I had planted them in geometrically balanced positions in the butterfly garden.

Put Stevia, lavender, lunaria, penstemon and bachelor buttons in with the Breck plants.

May 2, 2008

April 25, 2008

View from the garden towards the house

March 25, 2008

trying out different areas near the house... where the birds dared to venture and we weren't close enough to spook them or receive their droppings