Growing Our Gardens
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The Spring of the Pea Killings
Garden Prep
April 25

Garden Asparagus
The Seed Shopping List

Went to Lowe’s to cross reference their Burpee stock with my wish list. Bought:

12 Mary Washington Asparagus (Lowe’s brand) Planted April 22

8 Cannas (Lowe’s brand)

2 Bleeding Hearts (Lowe’s brand)

160 Yellow Onions (Lowe’s brand)

80 White Onions (Lowe’s brand)

Burpee Signature

Danvers Half Long Carrots 1.29

Sunflower Citrus 1.88

Sunflower Tall Border Mix

Sunflower Mammoth 1.28

Echinacea (Coneflower) 1.28

Painted Daisy 1.28

Cornflower (Bachelor Buttons) 1.28

Oregano Mediterranean 1.29

Parsley Big Italy 1.57

Basil - green and purple ruffles 1.57

Basil - Genovese 1.28

Basil Summerlong 1.57

Dill Mammouth 1.28

Spinach Harmony Hybrid 1.57

Broccoli Green Goliath 1.28

Garden Medley Eggplant

Lettuce Looseleaf Mixture

Tomato: Big Mama Hybrid

Tomato: Early and Often Hybrid

Ferry Morse

Sage: Broadleaf

Chamomile: German

Ordered April 3 from directly about $77

Oregon Sugar Pea Pods 2.65 first to arrive by itself in a 5X7 envelope

Penstemon Esprit $3.50

Lunaria 2.65

Stevia Sweet Leaf 4.65

Costa Rican Sweet Pepper 4.15

Cherry Belle Radish 2.65

Lavender Angustifolia 2.65

Pak Choi Toy Choi 3.50

Sugar Bon Pea 2.65

Snowbird Pea 2.65

Dark Red Detroit Beets 2.65

4 Astilbe Snowcap plants 8.25 each (coupon $5)

The newly planted pepper plants were dying on May 20th...

May 25 - Eggplant Row and a struggling tomato grown from seed hiding for protection among the lettuce

The peas were wrapped with collars. Who rearranged the collars and ate the plant?

Spinach and onions are doing just fine.

April 25
Looking from the house into the garden at the area destined to become our herb garden.

  From the garden towards the house, the area on the right will be the herb garden; the left accepts asparagus.

  Prepared boxes